Do you carry out credit checks before approval?

  • No. At Creep Phones, we do not discriminate you on the basis of your credit rating. As such, we do not carry out credit checks before we approve you for a mobile phone contract. We offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts and this means that our customers have nothing to worry about when applying for any of our plans.
  • How long will I wait after applying for a guaranteed mobile phone contract with you?

  • Creep Phones understand the essence of customer satisfaction and this regard we always work around the clock to ensure that our customers are happy with our plans as well as services. Having said that, we review you application in record time and ensure that you receive your handsets within 24 hours and latest 48 hours.
  • Is there a chance that my application might not be approved?

  • Not at all. Creep Phones offers guaranteed mobile phone contracts which means there is no chance that your application will be rejected based on your credit score. However, we could reject your application if there are some errors or omitted vital information. This is not something to lose sleep over as it you can always rectify the errors and resubmit your application for approval.
  • Do I have a free hand to choose the kind of handset I want?

  • Creep Phones does not decide for you the kind of handset to use or apply for. We have a variety of mobile phones to choose from and you have a free hand to choose the kind of mobile phone you want. However, you might not have access to high end phones but you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to mid range or refurbished phones.
  • Is it mandatory to make an upfront payment?

  • Yes. For guaranteed or bad credit mobile phone contracts, we require that our customers make an upfront payment. Of course, this money is usually refunded to you at the end of the contract provided that your account is in good standing. However, the upfront amount is not exorbitant and is affordable to all our customers.
  • What network providers do you collaborate with to offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

  • It doesn’t matter what network you are on in the UK. We partner with all network providers and therefore you can rest assured that you will get a great plan for your network of choice. A number of network providers offer great deals and the onus is on you to choose one that best suits your needs.

    What kind of phones do you offer on guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

  • At Creep Phones, we offer both new and refurbished phones on guaranteed mobile phone contracts. As a customer, you have an option of going for a brand new phone or you can go for a refurbished phone. Refurbished phones are relatively cheaper as compared to brand new phones.
  • What is the standard contract commitment period?

  • We have 3 types of contract commitment that our customers can choose from. Generally, a customer can choose a 12 month, 18 month or 24 month commitment period. However, as a security measure, we require that those with bad credit be committed for at least 18 months and above.