Benefits of guaranteed mobile phone contracts

Getting rejected for a mobile phone contract is a bitter pill to swallow. Mobile phones play an integral role in the smooth running of our day to day lives. We connect with friends and family using mobile phones, we send emails, we socialize and interact on social media using phones, shop and make payments online on the go, research information and so on and so forth. As such, mobile phones have become indispensable and an important asset that it has become incomprehensible to imagine that a person could stay without a phone in this age and time.

That said, being rejected for a mobile phone contract simply because you have bad credit can be a devastating experience. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth. For long, many providers in the UK placed a lot of emphasis on credit checks and approving only people with a stellar credit history. However, this has wondrously changed since the global credit crunch that hit the world a few years back. There are now a number of providers that offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts. So what are some of the benefits of guaranteed mobile phone contracts?


As the name of the contract implies, you are always guaranteed of being approved the status of your credit score notwithstanding. This is of course the number one reason why guaranteed mobile contracts have become very popular. The assurance of approval any time a person with bad credit applies.

Flexibility and variety

Various providers offer a number of guaranteed mobile contract deals that customers can choose from. It’s true that people have different needs as regards the usage of mobile phones. The flexibility that comes with choosing the kind of deal or plan that one is interested in is one of the things that makes guaranteed contracts attractive for people with bad credit. You also have access to a variety of handsets you can choose from based on your tastes or even preferences.


Most providers across the UK liaise with all network providers and what this means is that customers do not have to change their phone numbers when applying for a guaranteed mobile phone contract. They can always choose one in a network of their choice. The good thing about this is the fact that one does not have to inform everyone that they now have a new contact and can continue using their old number.


Most providers across the UK accord customers the freedom to choose whatever plans that suit them as well as an opportunity to change to a better plan in the foreseeable future like say after 6 months. This could be freedom to change plan, the fixed installments paid monthly or anything that interests the applicant.

In conclusion, while guaranteed mobile contracts were a mirage a number of years ago, they have now become main stream. People with bad credit no longer have to worry about the status of their credit score and can apply for a plan of their choice under guaranteed mobile contracts. The above mentioned benefits should obviously spur you on!