Factors to Consider Before Going for Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts

What is clear for everyone is that mobile phones are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. It’s perhaps the reason why new mobile phones continue to be released every new dawn. Mobile phone contracts have proved to be very useful especially as they give individuals an opportunity to use the latest kind of phone while making affordable monthly payments. While credit checks have become a thorn in the flesh for people with bad credit, the emergence and subsequent popularity of guaranteed mobile phone contracts has given them a new lease of life.

There are a number of factors that people should consider before going for a guaranteed mobile phone contract.

Number of minutes

You need to be conversant with the number of minutes you use in a month and how that fairs with the particular guaranteed mobile phone contract you are being offered. What is your personal usage? Does the contract in question offer sufficient minutes in a month to meet your needs? If the number of minutes is not enough, you might consider looking for a provider that provides you a better deal. Of course, the number of minutes differs drastically if you use your phone for personal purposes or if you use it for business purposes.

Number of texts allocated per month as well as data bundles

We live in an internet era where connecting on social media, searching for information, shopping and paying for products and services online has become a way of life. We also text friends and family a lot hence the need to go for guaranteed mobile phone contracts that not only give us enough text messages but also bundles to last us a month. You need to ascertain whether the text and data bundles allocated meet your needs or not. If not, you can always negotiate or simply find another provider who can offer you what you need.

Contract period

Different providers have different rules and policies on the contract period a person on guaranteed mobile phone contracts need to be committed to. There are those that insist a person should be committed for 18 months in the least while there are those who insist that a person should be committed for 24 months. You need to determine whether your budget is enough to cover monthly payments for the stated contract commitment.

Handsets on offer

When it comes to handsets, you need to find out whether the provider in question chooses the kind of handsets you can go for or if you have a free hand to choose a handset you prefer. This is an important consideration as you need to go for a contract and mobile device you are happy with. Always go for guaranteed mobile phone contracts that allow you a free hand to choose the kind of handset you need.


You definitely do not want to enter into contract with a provider that has a bad reputation, treats their customers unprofessionally, charges hidden fees and are not understanding in any way. Do your research properly to ensure that the guaranteed mobile contract providers are reputable, trusted and have a history of excellent customer treatment.

All the above factors play a great role in ensuring that you get a better deal when applying for bad credit or guaranteed mobile phone contracts.